Cockroach Control

Cockroaches control has remained a concerning issue for homes, offices and industries equally, however they have to bear the loss at different levels. Cockroaches are the prime source of disease and contamination in living spaces. They dwell, hide and reproduce in the most difficult to access cracks and corners. Cockroaches also nourish in ill-maintained storage areas where debris, wood or paper is stored. Cockroach control services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi has remained one of the main features of Capital Garden Center pest control program. There are major two type of cockroaches (German cockroach & American cockroach) both have different life style, German roaches are small in size and usually live in kitchen and build their colonies inside cabinets due to available resources are best suited from them whereas American roaches are large in size and live in drains they prefer humid environment therefore they live in gutters mainly but they can also be found in kitchen when temperature arise.

CGC Services not only eradicates cockroaches through medicines but also makes the clients aware of the possible sources of pest production in their homes or workspaces. Poor sanitation, leaked water pipes and moisture are favorable environment for roaches. Infested grocery bags, cartons and furniture, dirty kitchens can be the internal sources. Whereas, garbage dumps, poor sanitation and drainage pipes are the external sources and cockroaches can easily enter through gaps around windows and doors. Usually in apartments, even clean units become infested due to cockroaches travelling through common drain pipes, common walls and ceilings etc. Eco Services professionally deals with critical pest issues to take care of your living spaces. We are on time to serve you, our customer services is dependable and we assist in eliminating the sources of cockroaches in your house.